What to Expect

on Your First Visit

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, it’s only natural to have a few questions and feel slightly apprehensive. To calm your nerves, the Precision Spinal Care team has outlined what you can expect at your very first chiropractic appointment. Watch our video for a virtual office tour and check out what your first visit will entail below!

Office tour video

Fill Out New Patient Forms

Before your appointment, we encourage patients to fill out our new patient forms, which you can download here on our website or complete in our office before your appointment time. This info helps our team understand your situation and your medical or health history, ensuring Dr. Lisa can create a plan customized to you and your needs.

New patient forms at Precision Spinal Care
Initial consultation at Precision Spinal Care

Initial Consultation

Upon conclusion of your tour, you will undergo your initial consult with a Precision Spinal Care team member. This consult will review your goals, symptoms, concerns, and pain. We will also go over your new member paperwork and medical history.

Precision Spinal Care reception area

Getting to Know Our Space

From the moment you step through our doors, our team aims to make you feel comfortable. One of our team members will briefly show you around our office, providing information about chiropractic care, its history, and what tools or techniques we use (and why!).

Throughout your brief walk-through, don’t hesitate to ask questions about Dr. Lisa, our office, or our techniques. We are happy to answer them and put your mind at ease.

Digital imaging at Precision Spinal Care

Initial Exam and Digital Imaging

Following your consult, you will have your initial physical exam. Dr. Lisa will observe and analyze your nervous system, spine, and muscles. This gives us a starting point, as well as provides a detailed overview of your current nervous system function. Some individuals may further require diagnostic image testing, so we can gain a better understanding of your skeletal system and identify any abnormalities that need to be addressed.

Creating an Individual Chiropractic Care Plan

After your initial appointment, Dr. Lisa will inform you when to book a follow-up appointment. This next session involves reviewing the results of your assessment and the formulation of a suitable action plan that addresses your needs and goals.

At Precision Spinal Care, we are here to help you achieve better health so that you can get the most out of your life. Hopefully, now you know a little more about what to expect at your first chiropractor visit.


Individual care plan at Precision Spinal Care

At the end of the day, chiropractic care is about lifting others up and helping the body realize its own healing abilities. The Precision Spinal Care team is here to improve the health and wellness of the entire Chelsea, MI community. We can’t wait to help you get on track. Book your appointment with us today!

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