The NUCCA Adjustment in Chelsea

At Precision Spinal Care, our team is proud to offer the NUCCA adjustment as part of our chiropractic services. NUCCA stands for “National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.” This means that this technique focuses on making spinal adjustments from the top of the spine at the “atlas” bone.

The NUCCA adjustment involves a light and gentle force. There is no twisting or turning of the head, neck, or back. There also isn’t any cracking or popping that one might associate with traditional chiropractic manipulations. Because there is not any type of thrust associated with this technique, it is ideal for patients that may be apprehensive of traditional chiropractic techniques. All in all, patients will only feel a light pressure below the ear during the adjustment!

What is NUCCA Good For?

At any age, an accident or injury can misalign the spine and cause the head and neck to shift away from the natural vertical alignment. This misalignment creates stress on the nervous system, the master control of the body. In turn, this may lead to contraction of muscles, postural distortion of the body, and if left uncorrected, spinal decay. Luckily, correcting the misalignment of the spine can bring the spine back to center, alleviating the stress put on the nervous system and allowing the body to heal.

The NUCCA technique in Chelsea provides benefits to everyone, from newborn babies to even the grandparents and great-grandparents of those babies. People of all ages will benefit from properly aligning their spine. If you’re interested in experiencing the power of the NUCCA technique, book your appointment with Precision Spinal Care today!

What is NUCCA Good For?

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