Pregnancy & Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time! Soon, you’ll be welcoming a new bundle of joy into your family. However, pregnancy, undeniably, comes with a variety of physical changes. Inevitably, these changes help guarantee the healthy development of your growing fetus. At the same time, these changes can lead to many discomforts, aches, and pains. With much conflicting information about how to deal with these pains, you might be confused about where you can turn to for some relief.

At Precision Spinal Care, we are here to help you through this time! Using only the safest and most gentle of techniques, we can help you find relief and even help you achieve an easier delivery and post-birth recovery.

Chiropractic for pregnancy in Chelsea

Common Effects of Pregnancy

The most obvious change the body undergoes is the growth of the uterus. This indicates a healthy and thriving fetus. Yet, this rapid growth phase causes various pressures and stressors on the mother’s body. The mother’s center of gravity actually moves toward the front part of the pelvis, which can lead to balance and posture changes. Then, as the baby continues to grow, the curve in the lower spine becomes accentuated which can result in hip and back pain.

On top of this, your upper spine might change as it attempts to compensate for the pressure and stress on the lower spine. During the later phases of pregnancy, the body, then, releases the hormone, relaxin. This hormone leads to the loosening and relaxation of the ligaments of the pelvis, which creates more room for the baby to grow. Yet, this hormone can also cause many imbalances. These imbalances can lead to unwanted pains, aches, and even falls. Luckily, chiropractic care for pregnancy can help prevent and address these problems, guiding you toward a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Chiropractic Care as Prenatal Care

Many women are concerned about the safety of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Yet, countless studies show the safety of this type of care. The American Pregnancy Association actually encourages pregnant women to seek out the help of chiropractic care to address their aches and pains. Overall, chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free approach that can help you navigate this exciting time of change in the best way possible!
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Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can restore balance and help improve posture, pelvis alignment, and even provide an easier birthing process! In fact, chiropractic care is linked with reduced labor times and decreased medical intervention during delivery.

At Precision Spinal Care, Dr. Lisa is ready to help you have a safe and happy pregnancy. With proper spinal alignment, your baby has more room to grow and allows for better access to the birth canal when the time is right. For more information or to book your appointment, contact the Precision Spinal Care team today!

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