The Anatometer

Precision Spinal Care is dedicated to using state of the art technology.

The Anatometer

Precision Spinal Care is dedicated to using state of the art technology.

Precision Spinal Care Anatometer

What is an Anatometer?

At Precision Spinal Care, we are committed to providing our patients with nothing but the best. This includes the tools and equipment we use to assess and measure spinal imbalances.

The Anatometer is a tool we use to measure postural distortions. When the atlas, the top bone of the spine, misaligns, it moves the head away from the center of the body. It also irritates the brain stem, which causes muscles to contract on one side of the body. This creates an imbalance from head to toe. Weight becomes uneven from one side of the body to the other; the entire spinal structure will shift, including the pelvis, and one leg will appear shorter than the other. The hips and shoulders both become unlevel, and the body will lean either to the right or the left.

Before every adjustment, Dr. Lisa will check the postural distortions on the Anatometer. She will also check her work following the adjustment by having the member stand on the Anatometer again, to make sure everything has balanced out. No one leaves the office until they’re perfectly balanced. Hence, the saying we have around the office: “We’re a group of perfect people!”


The anatometer at Precision Spinal Care in Chelsea

The misalignment of the body caused by the atlas being out of position is like a misaligned car. If you continue to drive a misaligned car, the tires wear unevenly and will eventually blow out. Our aches and pains and the hundreds of other conditions that have responded to NUCCA care are our “flat tire.” Until you get the atlas in the correct position from an upper cervical doctor, the body is continually misaligned, and symptoms will continue.

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